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8 bad habits that make you ugly

1️⃣ 意 意 1 1/usually drink less water/can drink other drinks instead of drinking water
Whatever behavior will make the skin aging faster

2️⃣ I believe that many Hong Kong people will eat breakfast because they are rushing back to work
But the day of the day is that the morning breakfast is actually an important rack

3️⃣ 因为 can be used to develop sun protection because of laziness
Ultraviolet rays are good to hurt the skin

4️⃣ I know that many people are so good -looking
But in fact, this bad habit is a good habit, so I want to introduce Zuo Qu

5️ 玩
But I have to mention myself as much as possible

6️⃣ Stay up late, but it ’s actually a lot of damage to the skin
Also affect physical health

7️⃣Is used to chew food with only one thing
Have the opportunity to cause the surface shape to be uniform and one side

8️⃣ Dessert, pearl milk tea, high sugar foods are really attractive
But eating too much sweet skin will grow old quickly

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