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Sensitive vs. Sensitive Skin

ๆ•ๆ„Ÿ่‚Œ VS ้Žๆ•่‚Œ

If you have sensitive skin,

You have to see where you belong.One!


- sensitive muscle

Any skin texture can be.sensitive skin

It's actually the same as sebum.damaged stratum corneum

give birth mainly to external stimuliproduce various skin intolerance reactions

It's easy for skin to mix ingredients.Mild skincare products, temperature and environmental changesIt's not stable.

Reddening, skin flaking, tightening.Various symptoms of discomfort

- allergic muscle

It's sensitive skin.

be susceptible to a variety of factorsRedness, swelling, tingling, itching, and flaking of skin

Anaphylactic reactions such as rash

an ingredient/sea in skincareallergy to fresh/fruits

This situation can be summarized as follows:It's an allergen that's caused by exposure to it's an quick

So just avoid the allergens.

The skin is almost always stable.

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