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Points to note when washing your face


Do you know that? 

Actually, you can't wash your face.Just wash up!

What's a step in washing your face?It affects the skin.

The following are the clean noodles.Department.

✅ Wash your face once a day 1-Two is enough.

Excessive cleaning is the opposite.May cause skin damage.

✅ Avoid overheatingwash one's face with water

Because the water temperature is too hot,The skin loses moisture more quickly.

✅ Wash your face immediatelyprinting dryness

Natural air-drying will result in the loss of waterDryer skin.

✅Replace with a washclothTowels or paper towel

It's easy to use a towel for a long time.Can cause towel to grow bacteria

✅ Moderate selection of ingredientsand cleansing products for your skin.

You'll get it if you use the wrong cleanser.The more you wash your skin, the worse it gets.

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