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Five types of skin water deficiency


Water is indispensable to the human body.

In addition to drinking regularly, replenish your body with water.out of one's share

It's important to replenish enough moisture for the skin!

If the dough feels dry all day, you have to.Look who you're from. . . . . .of a water shortage type.

1️⃣ Greasy water shortage

Mainly regular oily facial hair.It's big. It's got acne and pimples all day long.

They're rough and have fine lines. Oil and waterless skin

2️⃣ Sensitive water shortage

The skin is mostly dry, but the T-shaped.You'll be fine.

Usually reddened after cleansing or cleansing.have a tingling sensation

3️⃣ Congenital water shortage

It's dry skin. Usually rare.acne problem

However, the skin will be affected by the weather.Dandruff roughened the skin.

As a little expression or gesture, It's always tense.

4️⃣ Water shortage due to improper maintenance

If you don't take care of your skin after washing your face,

Your face is prone to tingling and itching. tightness,drying,etc

5️⃣ Environmental Water Shortage

Whether it's winter or summer, there's a lot of places.Actually, I turn on the air conditioner.

Stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time.It can cause dehydration of the skin.

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