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Symptoms of a lack of collagen


1️⃣skin aging

About 75% of the dermis of the skin is collagen. As the age increases, the collagen will gradually lose, and the skin will sag, causing the cheeks and the corners of the eyes to sag.

2️⃣Spots and wrinkles appear
Collagen can reduce the formation of pigmentation. The lack of collagen in the body will lead to strong secretion of melanin, and a large amount of deposits on the skin surface cannot be metabolized in time, resulting in the formation of various pigmentation.

3️⃣Dry split ends

In the middle of the hair is collagen, which controls the thickness, elasticity and moisture of the hair. When there is a lack of collagen, the hair begins to experience dryness, breakage, split ends and other problems.

4️⃣brittle nails
Nails are rich in keratin and collagen. When the body lacks collagen, symptoms such as brittle nails and fine marks will appear.

If the collagen in the body is lost, it will also lead to the rapid loss of calcium, causing problems such as osteoporosis.

6️⃣out of shape
Collagen can make breasts plump and firm. After collagen is lost, the function of fibrous connective tissue declines, and the breasts will become sagging and sagging.

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