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5 major misunderstandings

How much do you know about sunscreen?
Let's see if you've heard of the following anti-sun protection measures.Misunderstanding!

Stays sunscreen on the face for long periods of time
Some people think that since we have to apply it every day,burn
Let's wait for the sunscreen to stay on. I'll put it on for the night.
If you put it on too long, you'll lose it.left sun protection function
It absorbs a lot of UV rays.irritate the skin

It's just to put on the sunscreen.
You should know that sun protection is not suntan protection.protect against sunburn
Spring, summer, autumn, winter, cloudy, sunny, rainy.It's got ultraviolet rays.
That's why you have to do it all year round.

If you don't go out, don't put on sunscreen.
A lot of people don't want to go out and stay indoors.I don't want to wash or I don't wearin' sunscreen.
Although glass has some resistance to ultraviolet rays.block
But in fact, ultraviolet rays get in.come
And the electronics emit both blue light.It hurts my skin.
So even if you stay indoors, you'd better rub it back.sun protection against sunburn

Sunscreen not to remove makeup
A lot of people misunderstand that sunscreen doesn't remove their makeup.
He's not a cosmetic, but he's actually...Need to be removed with makeup remover.
You can also use cleansing products with makeup remover function.product removal and cleaning

insufficient amount of sunscreen
Sunscreen needs to be the size of a coin.weight
If it's not enough, I'll put it on.I'm not wearing it.

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