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Cold and warm muscle water call "guide" treatment

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Cold and warm call muscle water channel for "guidance
It's not even moisturizing enough! It's like wiping.Extreme skincare products are not absorbed?I've put oil on it to keep it dry.There's always dandruff to stop the sun from shining sun.

Because you ignore the left underlying skin! When the bottom layer is not enough water fruit, more than skin care products are not enough.

Introduction and Principles of Treatment
It drastically lowers the temperature of the skin.Human cells are congested to protect the skin and slowly return to normal temperatures, when the oxygen content of the blood is higher than usual and can be effectively external absorption.
Utilization of A/V and Microcirculation System ElectricityPerforation technology, using high moisturizing ingredients # quick-acting hydration needle, combined with sonic perforation technology, can quickly absorb concentrated essence into the skinLow layer, make skin tender and elastic.

increase muscle density
enhance basal metabolism
accelerate the burning of fat
Immediate effect, muscle fir.mingling

fit for purpose
Dry skin, less elastic.
have a dull complexion
Sometimes laziness does not replenish moisture.
A man who's locked up in the frost.
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