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Fighting the eyes of panda eyes and hand according to the course of treatment

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Causes and types of dark circles
(1) Vascular type: Blood stasis is formed due to poor blood circulation, such as nasal sensitivity, causing long -term expansion of subcutaneous blood vessels, and blue -purple dark circles under the eyes.

(2) Pigment type: The skin around the eyes is relatively thin, and the color of the skin or subcutaneous blood vessels reflects the epidermis. If there is melanin precipitation, the dark circles will be more obvious. In addition, affected by ultraviolet rays and cosmetics remain on the skin, it can also cause pigmentation.

(3) Tear groove type: fat under the eyelids atrophy, collagen loss, etc., will relax the skin of the tear groove position and form a deeper shadow. This is the early eye aging signs.

(4) Muscle type: The muscle tissue at the moment is too active, and it is easy to see a piece of muscle in the current position, and its shadow looks like dark circles.

Revisiting Panda eyes and hand according to the course of treatment is a sensitive eye skin to the eye bag, dark circles and eye pattern, which effectively ensures that the eye skin is full of collagen.
The winner of the collagen eye bags is that the appropriate radio frequency penetrates into the epidermis layer (radio frequency can be tuned by itself) to stimulate the hyperplasia of the eye collagen and accelerate the blood circulation. In addition to detoxification and edema Essence Effective eye bags to enhance the contour of the eye.
The baggage guns make the eye skin no longer relaxed and non -elastic, and reply to beautiful eyes.
The process of using collagen eye bag guns is very short because there is no need to operate, and the recovery time is very short. It is not afraid of affecting daily life.

There is no needle, painlessness, no recovery period, especially suitable for people with eye bags, eye patterns, crow's feet, dark circles, drooping eyelids, and swelling.
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