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Re-treatment of skin rejuvenation

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Re -treatment of skin rejuvenation
#Acne Black Head Acne Critic
#At the bottom of the skin
#In three times of treatment, significantly improved the problem of bumps

A little people have time to care for skin care
Let the acne black head acne appear at the same time
It feels so clean, as if I do n’t know how to dress myself
When you are a new image, you have to change your skin than a person.

Treatment principle
I believe everyone can hear a lot, but have you heard the skin?
In fact, the canal is equal to the seaweed micro -acupuncture, which can quickly enter the bottom layer of the skin
Put the epidermal layer in 3 seconds and enter the dermis layer within 5 seconds, so the canal can accelerate the cut of the keratin and acne and improve the problem of blackheads
The key department can effectively improve the problem of bumps/rough pores
Through massage the skin, you can restart the hyperplasia of the skin cells and repair the damaged skin tissue !!! Reduce and improve the range of convex cavities

Main effect
Stimulate the proliferation of germinated collagen and fibroblasts
Tighten and improve the ideal effect of facial skin tissue
Effectively improve unevenness, closed acne and other problems
Enhance the absorption of the skin to the active ingredients by 50 times

Suitable person
Bumpy problem
Acne, acne, blackheads
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