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Extremely meticulous white muscle treatment

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ultra-fine white muscle therapy
#Crystal, shining secrets.
#Continuous brightness
#inhibition of glucagon formation
#Korea-Hong Kong Synchronization

Do you feel like you're done?Can't you even cut it?I can tell you how beautiful it is.Can't the law help you?
Sun / Acids / Beverages / VERY- Is it a needle? - Both.I've thought about it or tried it.
There are times and times when there are times and times.Do you have any muscles?Any kind of skin is fine.What about the course of treatment?

#I've got in front of your eyesNow! Take your chance!

Course Description
Growing up to 4,00 years old.the Alps at 0 metersOn a glacier, whether it's on a glacier or not on a glacier.Strong sun exposure or exposure.Edelweiss has the advantage of containing natural chlorogenic acid and a variety of precious active substances.Anti-ultraviolet rays, activate cells, firm, brighten skin and delay aging.Protect fragile skin after sunburn, minimize environmental damage.

Step 1- Wash your face #AQUA PEEL Deep Cleansingdebonding

Step two-- detoxifying bubble
Try falling in love with bubble purification. active oxygen purifying fractionTo clean, soak, or soak in.Soak warm and remove dirt.The rest of the oil, at the same time strengthening.
Skin barrier. Lock up.It does not irritate the skin.

Step three-- Korean-style live muscle massage
concentrated lint touch kneadingIt's a good way to improve your facial muscles.Fatigue, acceleration of rejuvenationIt helps your skin.Deep relaxation.

Step four-- edelweiss muscle lamp on protectionthe king's power
Strengthening skin defense,Mild and fast #Cellular generationThank you. At the same time, it's against the skin.Aging or inhibiting oxytocin.form.

Step 5- Anti-puffing with crystal energy massage
Massage with Edelweiss Essenceagainst ultraviolet radiation,Removal of Harmful BasisTo prevent skin damage.。
natural coldnesslymphatic drainage of massaging partIt's to get rid of floating.swell up

Step six-- edelweiss extract soft film
Come and fight the old lady.The king's flower, Edelweiss,Growing under high pressure, extreme coldEnvironmental, genetic and cultural developmentExcellent repair and protection, effective defense, soothe dry skin, reduce dullness.

Deep moisturizing, moisturizing and purifyingskin
relieve dryness and dry skin
To brighten or lighten the skin.melanin
Improve fine lines, tiger lines, smilepattern

fit for purpose
Vitamin is not suitable for skin.C or acid whitener
Moderate whiteners
waxy yellow skin
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