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Instant moisturizing wake treatment

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deep-sea thirst rejuvenating muscle therapy
# Powerful injection into the deep ocean
#cell resurrection
# Prevention of Loss of Particulars
#Korea-Hong Kong Synchronization

Moisturizing can be instantaneous.It's important to get wet, just like you always do.You need to drink. You need enough.Driven by circulation, skin all need to be full of points, maintain skin oil balance, avoid aging, dry.Did you get wet today?Whether it's dry, oily, dull or wrinkled skin problems, in fact, it's a lack of skin!
injection of two partsRenew the lock and extend the face.wet.

Course Description
In fact, compared to terrestrial life,Living things that live in the sea often do.Rich in various minerals and trace amounts.Elements. Deep-sea therapy extracts the active ingredients from marine life, at the same time ensures the purity of the ingredients, and the most easily absorbed by the skin molecular structure for the entire.To ensure the high-efficiency performance of marine skin care products, so that the skin get delicate and pure natural care.

STEP 1 - Washing|A#AQUAPEEL deep cleaning decontamination

STEP 2 - Jen.bead extraction massage
珍珠Pearl extraction helps #strongStabilize the soleus, then cooperateIB unique Korean position massage, toFrom shallow to deep massage method to promote infiltration into the bottom of the skin, so that skin cells life-threatening resurrection.

STEP 3 - Deepmarine massage stick
With oil-free and massage cream上pressing of upper deep sea activating massage stickA deep-sea extraction of a deep-sea portion.It can instantly cool the skin by 3℃, relieve the discomfort of pan-redness and reduce the sensitivity.

STEP 4 - Fishsubcollagen silk introduction
# Provision of Collagen Eggs by Importing Collagen EggsTo nourish and protect, as quickly as possible.Dry skin makes skin smooth and full.

STEP 5 - Depthoceanic hydrogel mask
deep oceanic basinsAt the end of the day, I'd like to have a good skin.After the maintenance can lock up two parts.Activate thirst in the skin, will make you feel better.Membrane absorbs and melts.

Effectively helps the underlying skin to fill.
Adjust skin oil balance
To improve fine lines or dry skin.Dry lines caused by this.
Restores skin luster and boosts musclesskin elasticity

fit for purpose
locally dry skin
Need to maintain skin moisture content
Very rapid evaporation of moisture from the skin
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