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Magnetic lymphatic relaxation facial care

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Magnetic lymphatic relaxation facial care
No matter how resistant to it, it always feels that you have a good spirit, and you have done diet control. Everything is because of the "meridians" stuffing the left.
The meridians are really simple, the life is busy, less exercise, and in the air -conditioned place. Long -term use of telephones will cause the shoulder and neck to obstruct the facial and neck, which will accumulate the body toxins and cause obesity and edema.
The bag surface is the Lijie

IB 2 -in -1 meridian health magnetic fork acidic treatment course.
Blood circulation complexion is naturally good

Use the #magnetic fork rod through magnetic friction and heat, massage from the face to the neck, which will attract the iron in the blood, so that the blood under the skin will follow the magnetic fork, so that the blocking meridians can be dredged. The toxins and wastes that are blocked or stranded in the body after smoothness will follow the problems such as promoting metabolism and soothing edema and obesity.

Treatment effect
Promote blood circulation
Dredging meridian lymph
Stimuli acupuncture
Soothing shoulders and necks

Suitable object
Facial edema
Want to improve the facial contour
Dull skin
Shoulder and neck pain
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