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Cell self -heal minimally invasive needle

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Cell self -heal minimally invasive needle
The micro -needle was shocked to hear
You do n’t need to roll too many times back and forth on the surface. You do n’t need to apply soothing cream when using it, and you do n’t have bleeding, reduce the excessive irritation of the skin. At the bottom of the skin, it continuously penetrates bone collagen proliferation and stimulates cell regeneration. I found that the original rough pores were unknowingly reduced, bringing the beautiful muscle effect of the soft skin rejuvenation❤

#Independence per person with a needle

* Activate the skin self -repair system
* Quickly start the recovery mechanism of glue protein proliferation in the dermis layer
* Templage tissue in the skin to start a series of cell reconstruction
* Stimulate cell regeneration, fill bumps, dilute acne scars pigmentation
* Increase 40 times the absorption rate
* In the epidermis piercing more than 200,000 micro -pipes penetrating cells
* Form a high -quality nutrient transportation system between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue
* 40 higher than the general application method
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