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Gold foil extreme repair and detoxification treatment

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South Korea directly send gold foil detoxification skin management
#Osamotic toxin

Is there any toxin in the consequences of detoxification? A lot of life is accustomed to #reflecting the tie noodles, enough rest; air pollution; food additives; normal metabolism in the body, and the existing waste is one of the causes of the skin. You have a dark yellow and rough skin, pores, and pores are easier to produce oil.

Step 1 -Washing | #aqua peel Deep cleansing and exfoliating

STEP 2-Gold Foil Panel
In fact, [Gold Foil] is okay? Gold foil is a single line. It effectively promotes skin metabolism, active cell vitality and skin elasticity on the application, forming a protective film to resist allergies caused by the outside world. Shining and condensing muscles.

STEP 3 -Korean Magnetic Fork Comprehensive Massage
If you make a lot of noodles, there are a lot of wild noodles, and you may wrap it in the left! Use #利 利 利 to open acupoints to stimulate acupuncture points in different parts, so that the meridians of the "silt" are dredged, and the massage process releases negative ions to promote blood circulation and remove toxins.
[Gold foil + magnetic fork = dual -effect takes away skin toxins, you can get rid of your face dull after using the package]

Step 4 -Import 24K gold essence Double up*
The essence has been improved again, and the # -nanometer -level essence is introduced to the bottom of the skin to stimulate the collagen in the skin to make the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue tightly, and the skin is not easy to sag because of the gravity or age of age.

STEP 5-Gold Peptide Firming Mask
In the end, it was used to lock all the absorption with a golden mask. The process of the gold foil released the negative ion to speed up absorption.

✔️ prevent aging
✔️ Tien skin
✔️ Deep detoxification
✔️ Immediately improve the dark yellow
✔️ Prevent skin oxidation and damage
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