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Agafar traction muscle

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I used to be good Care
Big left, everyone, everyone said that there were many neck creams, but it was too much effect.
Maybe a friend can help you, such as #traction muscle

By focusing on the ultrasound of the ultrasound, the energy is accurate to the subcutaneous SMAS fascia layer and the different levels of the skin, so that the fascia layer that was originally relaxed and sagged naturally contracted the muscles and fat layers.

"Traction muscle" is the same?
The probe design is smaller than on the market, which is convenient for me to operate and use the same shades of the same shades for the same skin.
[Tightly pulling the face of the face and body at the same time at the same time, medium, and shallow skin]

The reason for the pine throw
During the face -aging process, the "fat layer" between the skin and muscles will gradually degenerate and shrink, become thinner, and slowly lose their support forces. The cheeks have a significant feeling of falling downwards, and the decree pattern is also obvious. The double chin wheel gallery disappears. The body -although the body is tight or thin due to exercise, there are several ghosts and mice in the body. It is difficult to improve through exercise. Sometimes the pork that is reduced and thin may not be able to keep up with the body's change.

Instant results, put on makeup in real time, bright in front of the eyes

The effect lasted more for 1 year ~ [Studies show that some experiencers can reach up to 3 years]
No need to operate
Non -invasive therapy will bring trauma to the skin
Bring the energy into the bottom of the muscle through the unique technology, which will cause the wound, so there is no repair period
Improve various problems with skin, such as large pores, skin rejuvenation, bright white, etc.

【Suitable for people】
Want to prevent or fight skin relaxation or sagging
The lines on both sides of the chin are getting more and more obvious
Do not want to do an invasive micro -neat or surgery
Dagging of the eyelids: Lifting the skin of the forehead, and then raising the eyebrows
Body pair milk/back meat/waist side fat
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