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Filorga Bai Shi Full Injecting Water Sensitive Muscle

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Filorga Bai Shi Full Injecting Water Sensitive Muscle
"NCTF (Filorga Patent) at least leading the current average level for three years, known as the future anti -aging technology" - "ELLE" magazine has highly evaluated it.

Certificate Report, CE Test Research Center recognized by France
Fix wrinkles: Active repair mechanism that activates skin injury is as high as 72%
Exogenous activity moisturizing: minimize the loss of local moisture, increase the skin moisture content of 132%
Promote blood circulation: rosy face, glorious shine, skin gloss of 144%
Ion balance effect: It has the performance of weakening or overcoming minerals: increased the intracellular ions by 103%
Stimulating cell growth: It can promote the growth of cells (human fibroblasts) of 147%
Effectively improve the denseness of the dermis layer: increased by 256% in 72 hours of extracellular collagen
Improving cell protective effects: resistance of free radicals on cell damage is more than 90%
Collagen regeneration: regeneration of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin reached 366%, and the effect is more long -lasting

Applicable person
Everyone uses "comprehensively supplement skin lack of ingredients"
Dehydration and dry cracking muscle
Apply the mask for 15 minutes of the internal mask to become a person who becomes dry
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