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PICO soft coke beauty muscle seconds treatment

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Body introduction
PicoalPha patent three waves length //
Treatment of red acne, vascular dilatation, and shallow spots, such as: sunburn, freckles, and uneven skin tone.
It will only be absorbed by melanin, and the energy will not be absorbed than the tissue of non -melanin. It is the effect of the epidermal layer. Therefore, it can be seen that the melanin is reduced immediately. Therefore, it is suitable for improving skin texture and improving pores.
It has reached the dermis layer, so it can stimulate the bumpy collagen proliferation and improve the bumps.

Applicable location
Facial (spots/birthmark/melanin)
Bigbini is dull
The skin is not tender enough

The side people are suitable for leather picosecond
V is often stuck in pores when pores are very concerned about makeup
V face has obvious spots (sunburn/old people spot/liver class, etc.)
V wants to improve skin fineness
V is extremely wanting to get rid of the aging skin and skin quality/dull/small fine lines
V is troubled by melanin
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