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A-Life Hair raising capsule

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Main effect
Stimulates healthy hair growth

Promotes hair absorption of nutrients
Nourishes and improves dry and breakable hair

Reduce hair loss and breakage problems

Strengthens hair follicles and strands

Strong and strong hair roots

main ingredient
patented extract of foxtail millet 、Zinc Bisglycinate 、Methylsulfonyl Methane(MSM)、Equisetum Arvense Extract、Salmon ovary membrane extract、Stinging Nettle Root Extract

suitable for people

Too much stress causes hair loss

Frequent hair loss / severe hair loss
Hairline moves back
Thin and fine hair / less volume

How to eat
Basic : 1 capsule daily
Fortified : 2 capsules daily
Recommended to take on an empty stomach

Two months as a course of treatment

serving size
30 capsules