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ärzt skin 1+6 Multi xcell cream

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1+6 Multi xcell cream

water-in-oil combination based on water lock conceptFang, feel fresh, no sticky feeling, set up a multi-functional cream, effective for the bottom of the skin to replenish moisture, moisturize, purify muscle and antioxidant effect.Lock nutrients and balance the ratio of water and oil, suitable for all skin use, for extremely dry and water-starved skin more effective.Contain a variety of antioxidant ingredients, make skin instantly moist and tender, reproduce baby-like bright skin, and be recommended by many dermatologists.

One box of 10 sticks, each.5ml.

main ingredient

Sodium Hyaluronate: Instant dermisThe stratum brings 1200 times more water.

Seaweed Polyphenols: Helps relieve various types of raw materialsThe resulting inflammation causes the metabolism of healthy cells to regenerate from the underlying layer.

Apple Stem Cells: Boosts 80% Cell regeneration, reduce oil secretion.

Bearberry Extract: AntioxidantEffect, reduce freckles and melanin.

Watermelon seed extract: against free radicalsSlows skin degeneration and repairs more than 25% of damaged DNA.

Almond Oil Extract: Rich in VitasLife A, C and E, strengthen various skin care functions.

How to use

Use it every morning and evening. Take a bean size.Apply a small amount evenly to the face until absorbed.It can improve skin problems on days 1 to 14 and strengthen skin function on days 15 to 28.

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