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尊貴會員獨家禮遇:每月親臨門市可領取指定GLAMM CO 試用品乙件

A-Life NAD+ black dates jelly (Expected restock in late September)

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Main effect
Prevent and improve iron deficiency anemia

Helps the body produce NAD+
Keep your immune system strong

Enhance physical and nervous system health
Fights free radicals and DNA damage

Nourishes blood and qi, inhibits cancer cells
Lower serum cholesterol, protect liver

main ingredient
Ferrochel、D-Ribose、vitamin B (B complex) 、nicotinamide、amino acid、Acai Palmberry liquid concentrate

Suitable for the following people
Spleen and stomach dysfunction
irregular life 
lack of exercise
Blood deficiency caused by factors such as menstruation, pregnancy and lactation

How to eat
Basic : 1 per day
Recommended to take on an empty stomach

serving size

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