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GLAMM CO Sorbet cool oil-controlling sorbet mask

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main effect

reduce inflammation and acne and redness

dimming of acne mark

heal a scar

balanced oil secretion

nourish and calm the skin

main ingredient

ACNHEAL JAPANESE POLYMER EXTRACTIONProducts: non-sterile acne treatment,Prevent overoxidation of sebum by promoting internal growthThe synthesis of corticosteroids fights inflammation, eliminating inflammatory endothelin through the lymphatic system, promoting cell growth and reducing acne scars.

OPTIMEALTH®10W Lactobacillus/Soymilk FermentationProduct filtrate: Multi-functionality comes from patent-proprietaryFermentation technology of bacterium lactobacillus, containing more than 500 active molecules: protect skin pH, maintain new skin environment, reduce harmful bacteria, reduce oxidation reaction.

WITCH HAZEL EXWitch hazel extract: Natural vegetable extract, adjustable oversizeSkin fat secretion, effective convergence of pores, with soothing, soothing, nourishing, convergent and moisturizing effects.

Peppermint oilPeppermint essential oil: has a cool feelingIt constricts the microvasculature, relieves itching and itching.Inflammation, softens skin and is effective in removing blackheads and oily skin.

How to use

After washing your face, complete all evening skincare procedures.Afterwards, apply it thinly in the same direction.Rub your face until absorbed. Next morning.water.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 80G

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