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ärzt skin Acne Dissolving Essence 10ml

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Acne Dissolving Essence
Salicylic acid helps soften and dissolve stubborn sebum oil, dissolving blackheads and gently pushing dirt out of pores. The fruit acid and lactic acid in the ingredients can improve the skin's moisturizing level and skin quality, whiten and remove acne marks, prevent the formation of acne, and have anti-acne and whitening effects. After use, the skin blemishes disappear.

Main Ingredients

Lactic acid: A mild substance that inhibits formation of tyrosinase, promotes cell regeneration, reduces spots and brightens skin.

Nicotinamide: Prevents formation of melanin.

Sodium hydroxide: Dissolves impurities from skin.

BHA: A fat-soluble substance that softens and removes keratin on the epidermal layer, gently clears and tightens pores, prevents formation of acnes and whiteheads, removes and inhibits excessive oils, and retextures skin for a velvety and luminous complexion.

Ethylhexyl glycerol: Has anti-bacterial property.

Tomato leaf cell culture extract: An excellent anti-oxidant that also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Salicylic acid: Gets rid of excessive sebum and keratin in pores, and prevents acne breakouts caused by pore clogging.

Vitamin B3: Reduces melanin and effectively inhibits melanocytes.

How To Use

1) Apply to targeted areas (nose, forehead, chin) after toner and serum morning and evening daily to increase skin absorption by 3 times; or

2) Soak cotton pads and leave on for 10 minutes, then tissue off in circular motions once a week; or

3) Apply 2ml to conspicuous pores with gentle massaging on alternate days.

No reviews