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GLAMM CO Nutrients recovery cream

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main effect

Activates cell regeneration and rejuvenates skin after 7 days of continuous use.

Reduction of UVA-induced reactive oxygen radicals

Deep moisturizing and quick and effective relief for mild skin

strengthen keratinocytes in epidermis and fibroblasts in dermis

Reverses ageing skin and helps restore skin texture

main ingredient

Coenzyme Q10: Make skin elastic and firm, slow down cell aging, maintain and maintain.Repair collagen fibers, activate cells, and promote collagen.Protein synthesis to protect skin from free radicals。

Vitamin E: Effective against free radicals and ultraviolet rays to prevent melanin build-upFormation of spots, maintenance of oil balance and prevention of skinDry, improve and relieve eczema and itching.

Mother chrysanthemum flower extract: has deep moisturizing effect, effectively reduces the production of fine lines on the faceFresh, quick and effective skin soothing, regulating skin oil levelHengdazhi anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, protect sensitive acne skin。

Aloe Vera Extract: Suppresses and calms inflammation, accelerates acne recoveryOriginal and dilute acne mark, inhibit melanogenesis, have highEffective moisturizing function, activating collagen production.

Golden Crocus Bulb Extract: Activates the skin's natural growth factors to reverse agingIt also repairs the skin matrix and promotes collagen in the dermis.Synthesize with elastin to restore skin elasticity and tightnessdegree of compliance.

How to use

Can be used every morning and evening. After using toner essence, it can be applied to the faceAnd the neck.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 30 ML

No reviews