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GLAMM CO All in one cleanser

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main effect

potent detoxification

skin conditioning

deep moisturizing

facilitate wound healing

balanced oil secretion

anti-inflammatory treatment of acne

main ingredient

DETOXYL ® milkWood Fruit Extract): In Shea ButterFruit oil contains 40 to 50 percent.Vegetable oils and fats, among them,Contains non-saponifying repair ingredients, not easy to soap, cleanser to wash off, but also provides antibacterial, soft skin function.

Provitamin B5 D-PanIt's not sticky.Moisturizing ingredients with strong moisturizing effect,It's similar to the sebaceous membrane of the skin.It is easy to absorb and penetrate into the cuticle of the skin, and can penetrate into the dermis. It has the effect of activating skin, softening skin, preventing rough skin, moisturizing skin and repairing tissue.

Rosemary Extract: Natural AntioxidantAgent. It can block free radicals.Active, anti-aging, purifying and cleansing skinEspecially for oil.Products, to provide natural anti-corruption and anti-oxidation effect.

Grapefruit essential oil: rich in skin benefitsThe quality of being clean to the quality of being clean.It's good for refreshment and health.complexion

How to use

for cleansing: take an appropriate amount ofAdd water to your hand and boil, forming a microcosm.Soak it up, then gently massage it and rinse it off with water.That'll do.

2.For cleansing and cleansing: directTo apply lightly to a cosmetic surface.To melt cosmetics and impurities in the skin.Add a little water and continue.Massage, form microbubbles, then rinse off with water without the use of facial cleanser.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 100 ML

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