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ärzt skin Premium Rose Hydrating Toner Essence 150ml

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Premium Rose Hydrating Toner Essence

This stem cell serum nourishes skin and promotes metabolism that leaves skin supple and rejuvenated, while repressing pigmentation with its natural whitening property simultaneously. The anti-inflammatory and soothing serum has a targeted formula to combat rose acnes. Each bottle of serum is a concentrated essence from a single distillation of 60 rose petals that optimises the density of melted stem cell water molecules in the floral water. The ultra hydrating power of this serum intensely moisturises to make an incredibly refined and supple complexion, enhance skin’s absorption ability of subsequent skin care routine, accelerate skin's regenerative ability and bring luminosity and translucence of skin. Especially beneficial for eczema- or rose acne-prone skin types, or skin age of 25 or above.

Main Ingredients

Rhododendron ferrugineum leaf cell culture: Regulates and rebalances skin.

Rhododendron ferrugineum extract: Regulate pH balance of skin, this extract is also suitable for use on wounded or acned areas with its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and works wonders to acne-prone and infectious skin types with its anti-keratinisation effect.

Vitamin B3: Researches show vitamin B3 benefits skin by reducing the risk of skin cancer, locking hydration in and preventing water loss from epidermal cells, protecting skin from external allergens and enhancing skin’s self protecting ability by making it a strong lipid barrier.

Vitamin B3 derivative: A stable water soluble substance with molar mass of 122 that makes it highly penetrative through stratum corneum. Its active component of nicotine amine is gentle for skin application and tolerant to external stressors, and it reduces formation of pigmentation for a clarified and radiant complexion.

Lactic acid: The alpha hydroxy acid inhibits generation of tyrosinase, that subsequently reduces freckles and promotes cell regeneration.

How To Use

After cleansing, 1) apply onto palms and gently massage over face with upward, sweeping motions to promote blood circulation and nutrient absorption; or 2) soak cotton pad in lotion and apply with upwards motions evenly to soften cuticles and enhance skin’s absorption of subsequent skin care routine.

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