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a-Life Gathering Breast Beauty Capsules (expected to arrive in October)

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A-Life is rich in nutrients needed by women, such as soybean germ extract, flaxseed extract, queen bee pupa extract, frozen queen bee milk, borage oil powder, green papaya extract, etc.It helps stimulate estrogen synthesis in the body and helps the chest upgrade. Moreover, the ingredients are rich in protein and lecithin, and also rich in phytoestrogen "soybean isoflavones", which can effectively improve estrogen in the body.

main ingredient

Soybean Embryo Extract - lowers estrogen levels in women, reduces breast discomfort, and is rich in protein and lecithin, known for breast enlargement.Soybean isoflavones are good breast nutrients, if absorbed daily, the effect will be more obvious.

Flaxseed extract - rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid can reduce blood fat, prevent cardiovascular disease, linolenic acid also has a chest-boosting function, help stimulate the body's natural estrogen synthesis.

lignin SDGx100 times or more

- Diet rich in lignin (SDG) is good for postmenopausal women

- It's been shown to help prevent breast cancer.

- cardiovascular health

Frozen royal bee milk - Royal bee milk stimulates gonads and boosts cellular vitality. Feminine hormones are the key to a woman's feminine charm.Moreover, it can activate female ovarian function, keep skin smooth and elastic, and let female regain youth.

Borage Oil Powder - Supplement with Borage Oil Powder (GLA) boosts prostaglandin production, helps female hormone production, activates breast cells, and restores fat tissue to fullness.The body's ability to synthesize female hormones is significantly reduced, resulting in stunted chest development and loss of elasticity.To help develop the chest.Queen bee pupa extract - rich in high-quality amino acids, vitamins and minerals.Promote metabolism, nourish beauty and nourish skinstrengthen one's healthExtraction: The "papaya enzyme" found in green papaya helps digest protein, which is good for stimulating the production of hormones in women's puberty.

How to eat

take before a meal

General Maintenance: One per day

Maintenance: 2 tablets per day

Capacity: 30 tablets

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