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PHRamAM PRO thorough detox

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Main effect

speed up metabolism

Helps gut health and prevents colorectal cancer

Helps stabilize blood sugar and diabetes

Lower blood cholesterol levels to prevent heart disease
It can absorb water in the digestive system and increase the sense of satiety

Accelerates the elimination of toxins in the body

Improve acne skin (reported by professors)
Antioxidants in dietary compounds help reduce inflammation

main ingredient

Green tea extract: The content of catechin (EGCG) blocks the chance of adipogenesis. The "anti-obesity activity" of green tea extract has been experimentally proven to have a good effect and can inhibit adipogenesis.

Camellia Extract: It uses wall-breaking technology to inhibit the absorption of powdered sugar and fat. It can inhibit the rise of blood sugar levels, prevent diabetes, and remove free radicals.
More than 80 kinds of comprehensive vegetable and fruit nutrients: 80 kinds of raw materials are carefully selected from pollution-free Brazilian farms, which can completely provide basic nutrition for human beings, and can supplement various micronutrients in a balanced manner.
Multi-enzyme: The technology uses three-level fermentation technology. Generally, the fermentation of enzymes is only carried out to the first and second levels. However, in order to make the taste more pure, heat-resistant, more active, and more complete in nutrition, Brazilian enzymes make full use of the acetic acid bacteria that survive in the atmospheric environment of Brazilian farms for tertiary fermentation.

how to eat
a tablet per day with warm water
General : a box for a month
Long-term/severe constipation/poor digestive system/few fruits and vegetables: 2 boxes are for a month

serving size

A pack of 30 capsules

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