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Terms and Conditions of Service

This clause is suitable for your browsing and using Princess House on this website or store. You can read the following terms with this webpage or any part of it. Use any part of this website that is equivalent to reading and agreeing with these terms and rules that you have read and agree, and accept these terms and rules.

Normal condition

This website will try its best to provide the latest information and reasonable prices of the goods, as well as the right to ensure that the deposit is sufficient and reserved the right to change the price of the product without the need to notify separately. If any product fails to provide customers due to shortage, this website may have the right to refuse the order, or provide products with similar types or similar prices as replacement. If the website cannot make a product of ordering products, this website will notify you by email.

Sales clause

The value of all goods is calculated in Hong Kong dollars and is based on the price displayed at the time, and the price and promotion activities of the store are not suitable for this website, unless it is specifically explained. When customers successfully order, customers must use bank transfers or PayPal, VISA cards or MasterCard Card to pay related funds when ordering goods. When a bank or third -party trading dealer is used to deal with a credit card trading channel, this website will not bear any responsibility and losses. This website will provide products based on information provided by customers. If the customer provides error information or the order is affected by any non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -non -controlled factors, this website is not responsible. This website retains the ownership of the product until the goods are delivered to customers. However, if the guests make additional losses, the company is not responsible. Customers will receive a shopping receipt when receiving the goods.

If you choose to send the goods, the buyer needs to bear all mailing risks by itself, such as: mailing the risks such as delays, accidental theft, damage, and loss of goods. This website is not responsible. This website can provide a certificate of mailing for query.

force majeure

If natural disasters, fires, floods, accidents, riots, wars, government policies, strikes, or any websites cannot be controlled, they will not accurately provide the products or services that you need. Users or any third party bear any responsibility.


The information on this website may be guaranteed by intellectual property laws and rights (including but not limited to the laws that protect copyright). The trademarks, design, text, images, images, and other intellectual property rights of this website are all assets of PrincessHouse. If they are used for business purposes, users may infringe the above laws or rights.


The data collected on this website are used as a market research purpose, hoping to provide customers with more suitable products. Customers' personal data is used as the internal publicity of the company and establishes a good relationship with the customer. If you don't want to receive relevant information, you can check and contact this website.

This website reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.

If there is any controversy, this website reserves the final decision.