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Privacy Policy

To ensure the privacy of each guest, Princess House Limited's home Co., Ltd. ("us", "our" and "company") will comply with the "Personal Information (Privacy) Regulations" of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Chapter 486) The specified requirements are processed to handle your order.
We respect your privacy very much, and we will be careful to handle personal information of each guest.
We also use the personal data of the guests as communication purposes. The relevant information may be transmitted to your email, phone number or address address.
When you enter the website of a third party, you will no longer be guaranteed by the company's privacy policy.
(1) Hiring's privacy
Princess House will respect your legal privacy rights when collecting, storing, useing, and transmitting personal data, and the person's data collection statement will illustrate our privacy practice.
Please read the following content to understand how we handle your personal data policies and practices:
"Personal Information" refers to the identity identification data or sensitive information of anyone
(For example, name, occupation, address, contact details, ID card or passport number, credit card information, your age, your marriage status, your employer, your income, statistical information)

(2) The purpose of your personal data

When shopping or applying to become our members, you may collect your personal information.
The purpose of your responsibility to provide personal data is:
  • Participate and maintain our membership qualification
  • Participate as our membership points
  • Make a message to your exclusive benefits and discounts on becoming our membership
  • Enjoy a discount as a member
  • Import to the relevant member system adjustment to you
  • Customer information correction

(3) Solve of your information

If we collect our personal information from you, we will:
  • Inform you (notifying the company's customer service phone WhatsApp notification) we are collecting your information and the use of these personal data we collected

(4) Contact the personal information for the privacy college responsible for colleagues
We will solicit your consent to use personal data for the above use. Please say that you agree or oppose our personal data for the above use before providing personal information.
You can also contact his colleagues at any time whatsApp 98823578 will be used to stop using personal data for any use.

(5) Reserve of your information

We will only be preserved to fulfill the purpose of collecting your personal data, and the personal data that no longer need will be destroyed.

(6) Excellency confirm

When you use the Princess House website, it means that you understand and agree with the above provisions.
If there is any modification of the privacy policy, we will modify it in privacy policies, so that you can understand the methods and uses of personal data collection.