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ärzt skin 1+8 Ceramide rich cream 50ml

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1+8 Ceramide rich cream

A multi-functional cream that effectively replenishes moisture to the bottom of the skin, at the same time has water-locking, moisturizing, muscle-clearing and antioxidant properties.Lock nutrients and balance the ratio of water and oil, suitable for all skin use, for extremely dry and water-starved skin more effective.Contain a variety of antioxidant ingredients, nursing skin from inside to outside, make skin instantly moist, full of water, re-create baby-like bright skin, recommended by many dermatologists.

One box of 10 sticks, 5ml each.

main ingredient

Neuroaminic acid: can effectively supplement the moisturizing ingredients lacking in sensitive skin, accounting for 50% of keratin structure, and aimed at skin inflammation.

Skin epidermal growth factor EGF: Promote epidermal cell proliferation and repair, effectively anti-aging, balance skin pH, increase skin elasticity, anti-wrinkle,brighten up

How to use

Use daily in the morning and evening. Take a bean-sized portion and apply it to the face in the same direction until absorbed.