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ärzt skin 8% DermCom 15ml

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DermCom 15ml
The infusion of saffron bulb extract guarantees a uniquely prestige skincare experience. This precious ingredient repairs skin from the bottom, increases metabolism, activates natural growth factors of skin and revives skin's self-healing ability. The deluxe and effective properties of the complex also include reducing over 10 signs of anti-aging, stimulates production of skin elastic fibres, inhibits formation of melanin, evens out skin tone, retextures skin and re-sculpts face contours, making it a remarkably powerful all-in-one anti-aging formula for an incredibly refined, clarified and glowing complexion.

Main Ingredients

Saffron bulb extract: The rarity of saffron pistil is higher than gold, when only 100 grams of pistil can be extracted from every 16,000 saffrons. The extracted saffron polysaccharide contains a high concentration of anti-oxidant molecules, which is 30 times as much as vitamin E, reviving a youthful and resilient appearance of the complexion.

How To Use

1) Use in every morning and evening. Gently massage over face with 3-4 drops and press into skin with palms for optimal absorption. or

2) Use it with Hyaluronic Acid Filling Serum or have it added to other skin care products such as eye cream, serum and facial cream to optimise their performance.

No reviews