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ärzt skin 8% PhytoCellTec™ Males Domestic 15ml

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8% PhytoCellTec™ Males Domestic 15ml
The main ingredient of this stock solution is extracted from apples that grow on an extremely precious aged tree in the Alps. It is plentiful of highly vital plant cells that promote regeneration of 80% of skin stem cells, activating the dormant stem cells and repairing the damaged ones with its miraculous healing and anti-aging properties. Having it infused into other skincare products helps to stimulate regeneration of skin stem cells, smoothen fine lines, eliminate deep wrinkles, protect skin from UV exposure and reduce signs of aging.

Main Ingredients

Apple culture stem cell: Apple stem cell has been awarded the European Cosmetics and Skin Care Invention Award, and the Best Technology Brand Award in Switzerland in the same year. It bolsters to growth of stem cells and slows down aging of skin. A laboratory test was held, with 20 research participants aged 37-64 were asked to apply the apple stem cell stock solution for 28 consecutive days. The test result showed a remarkable decrease of fine lines that proves the incredible anti-oxidant effects of this ingredient.

How To Use

1) Use in every morning and evening. Gently massage over face with 3-4 drops and press into skin with palms for optimal absorption. or

2) Use it with Hyaluronic Acid Filling Serum or have it added to other skin care products such as eye cream, serum and facial cream to optimise their performance.

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