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a-life camellia shaped jelly

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main effect

It can prevent the metabolic function of digestive tract from deteriorating, remove all kinds of toxins in the body, activate the body function, and have antioxidant effect of antioxidant.

main ingredient

Moroccan Blood Orange Extract - Sicily only, volcanic mineral essence, only citrus anthocyanin, highest content, unique polyphenol ratio, helps burn beauty, reduces abdominal fat by 50%, regulates abnormal metabolism due to high fat diet, seals fresh Moro Blood Orange.

Camellia Extract - Weight Loss, Gastric Mucosa Protection and Peristalsis Promoting

Comprehensive Vegetable and Fruit Fermentation Powder - can improve digestive tract flora, achieve adjustment effect, reduce the formation of bad factors.It also promotes digestive peristalsis, which makes it easier for digestion to push feces out of the body.

Guanana seed extract – increases energy consumption and reduces appetite, maintains stable blood glucose levels to avoid obesity

Indigestible maltodextrin – Helps stomach peristalsis and slows down the passage of food through the small intestine, making people feel full and less likely to eat

How to eat

to take before a meal/bed 

General : once a day

Intensified: two per day

weight : 30 tablets

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