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A-Life Anti glycation drink

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Main effect

Lift and tighten

banish brighten

Accelerates sugar metabolism

Repair glycation damage

main ingredient

Japanese Mangosteen: Mangosteen contains a special water-soluble polyphenol phytochemical - Moringoside, which helps to reduce the production of AGEs and reduce the aging reaction.

German Collagen Peptide: Stabilizes the skin's elasticity, effectively avoids collagen decomposition and causes skin aging.
Japanese Cherry Blossom Extract: Helps to inhibit the glycation reaction, which can reduce skin browning and aging.
Japanese lotus seed extract: strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation stability.

How to eat

Take on an empty stomach before sleep

general : 1 capsule

Enhanced :  2 capsules

serving size

A box of 10 packs

50ml per pack

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