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a Life Momordica charantia capsule

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Main effect

Effectively block fat absorption

blood sugar lowering effect

Regulate blood lipid function

break down carbohydrates

main ingredient

Patented Bitter Gourd Extract: It has the function of regulating blood lipids and blood sugar, and can also inhibit fat absorption.

Patented Cinnamon Extract: Improves blood sugar control and improves insulin sensitivity.Japanese Cherry Blossom Extract: Helps to inhibit the glycation reaction, which can reduce skin browning and aging.
Patented Wheat Endosperm Extract: Enzymes that break down carbohydrates and reduce sugar absorption.

Patented Chromium Picolinate: Reduce body weight and body fat, regulate appetite, and reduce calories.

How to eat

Take before meals

Lunch/Dinner : 1 capsule

Big meal : 2 capsules

*Recommended to take 30 minutes before meals

*Up to 4 capsules can be taken daily

serving size

30 capsules