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Polish skin medical acid treatment

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Polish skin medical acid treatment
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Acne muscle dull muscle rough muscle
I must have heard #酸 一定 一定! It is simply a necessary ingredient for skin care products in life and above.
At this point you may be able to do it: you can usually achieve skin rejuvenation effects at home.

Because .. IB both the auric acid system refine the fruit acid, almond acid or peptide acid of the fruit.
The concentration is as high as 20%to 50%, and the proportion, concentration, and skin rejuvenation time of acid species are determined for different skin types.

Introduction and principle of treatment
Use medical grade fruit acid as shallow or deep chemical skin rejuvenation. The molecular weight of causal acid and low acid and alkali can be infiltrated into pores, which can change the acid and alkali of the skin, inhibit the secretion of sebaceous glands Old abandoned keratin, conditioning the gloss and elasticity of the skin.

Aurora Sour Skin 6 Step 6
Step 1 -IB face -to -face skin assessment
In response to the same skin type and problems, the concentration of fruit acid will be different. The face -to -face assessment of IB Beauty Artists will be explained first.

Step 2 -clean skin
Aqua Peel deep cleaning and removing quality | If there are wounds on the surface, it will return to repair cream to protect the wound without irritation.

Step 3 -Aurora Sour Skin
The use of medical -grade acid ingredients depends on the time to react with the skin system.

Step 4 -neutralization
Spray special neutralizing liquid to the acid -base balance, improve the skin's adaptability and increase comfort.

STEP 5 -Convergence and Silence
After cleaning the skin, apply frozen and soothing gel mask to calm and moisturize the skin.

STEP 6 -Muscle bottom repair
Use nursing care products that focus on the bottom of the muscles, moisturize the bottom of the muscle, and reproduce the glossy muscle.

Inhibit oil secretion
Increase the thickness of the dermis layer
Lighten melanin
Accelerate acne discharge
Effectively improve skin aging fine lines

Suitable person
Pigment precipitation after skin inflammation
Acne, acne
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