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GLAMM CO bamboo jellymask

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main effect

blackhead acne removal

improve oil secretion

Keep skin soft and smooth

resist skin aging

equilibrium oil

main ingredient

Bamboo charcoal: has adsorption function, can clearCleans skin, improves dull skin, brightens and moisturizes skinIt also has antimicrobial and antimicrobial effects,It can remove oil from skin, promote blood circulation and skin metabolism, and prevent skin aging.

trehalose:a natural carbohydrate derived from natural sourcesExtracted from plants such as seaweeds or velvet, capable of producing.Keep the skin nourished and hydrated,Avoid sunburn and melanin-induced skin aging.

Potassium glycyrrhizinate: Strong antioxidant powerEffectiveness. Reduces skin amine production and increases skin defense.ability to promote the permeability of the muscle base,Improve skin elasticity and hydration, improve dullness and whitening effect.

How to use 

After washing your face, apply evenly to your face.Wait 20-30 minutes. Clear with a spatula.Get rid of the excess gel, and then use clean water.Wash the remaining gel on the face.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 80G

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