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GLAMM CO combo oil 50ml

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main effect

Hemostasis, anti-inflammatory and wound healing

Repair damaged skin

Improve inflammatory acne skin

Tightening the face and reducing fine lines

main ingredient

Geranium oil: A versatile ingredient derived from oil.The stems and leaves of a plant, distilled by steam.Extraction. Basically improves anything.Skin problems, such as oily, eczema, and dermatitis, can also cause vasoconstriction, helping to block blood flow and promote healing of wounds or cuts and prevent toxins from entering the body.

Tea seed oil: Natural green vegetable oil, skin-friendlyStrong and permeable, good for skin absorptionand effectively avoid fat oxidation.The phenomenon of pigmentation, wrinkles and so on brought about by the aging of raw cells.

fit for purpose

Wound, inflamed, neutral, sensitive and eczema skin

How to use

Press 1-2 to apply the essence together.On the face, then massage in a clockwise circle for skin care.Oil is more easily absorbed by the skin.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 50 ML