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GLAMM CO Vital Crystal Advanced micro essence

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main efficacy

Smooth the fine-grained skin

To reduce sensitivity.

Nourishes skin and reduces dryness and flaking

Strengthen skin barrier

To relieve inflammation and relieve sensitive inflammation.

Nourishes skin and reduces dryness and flaking

reduce eczema irritation 

main ingredient

Anti-allergic polysaccharides: Used as skin protectants, relieve inflammationIt prevents irritation from accelerating the skin.Aging helps smooth the epidermis and unify the skin texture.Long-term use can treat sensitive dampness.In addition to rashes, they can also cause skin irritation.rejuvenate

Edelweiss Extract: Helps calm sensitivitySkin, relieve dryness.or a tingling sensation of sensitivity,Moisturize skin, restore luster and improve skin elasticity.

Desert Rose Extract: Promotes skin rejuvenationMetabolism, reduction of melanin.Formation and balance of oil secretion in the skinIt can improve skin inflammation, improve skin stability.。

Vitamin B3: Helps increase skin fat" lock in the skin water."Reduce skin loss and maintain skin screenBarriers reduce allergen damage and strengthen skin immunity.force.

How to use it

You can use it every morning and evening. Take it after the toner.pump a pump into the palm of one's handMassage your face by pressing.until fully absorbed.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 30 ML

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