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GLAMM CO Oat skin meal mask

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main effect

Smooth and firm skin

effective melanin suppression

Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial soothing skin

Hypoallergenic and moisturizing

Increase skin elasticity and fade fine lines

Promote collagen and hyaluronic acid production

Lasts 24 hours.

main ingredient

Oatmeal extract: contains three major molecular weightsTo be or be able to be marked.Smooths the skin, brightens the skin.Smooth, smooth and firm skin quickly.effectiveness of the Project.

Light Fruit Gump Root Removal Extract: Anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatoryThe effectiveness of bacteria. It helps you relax.soothe the skin

Lactobacillus/soymilk product filtrate:Multi-functionality comes from patents.multiple strain lactic acid bacilliFermentation technology, containing more than 500 active molecules to achieveThe following benefits:

Protection: Protect skin pH, maintain new skinSkin environment, reduce the presence ofHarmful bacteria, reducing oxidative reactions.。

Soothing: Reduce allergies and pain.

Moisturizing: Increase skin transient water content and elasticitysex.

Repair: Promote collagen and hyaluronic acidgeneration.

How to use 

After cleansing with a facial cleanser, it may be partial or complete.To apply thinly to the face.About 15 to 20 minutes,Wash your face with clean water and use it as a routine skin care routine.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 80G

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