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GLAMM CO Retinol night cream

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adjustment of water-oil balance

Desalination of acne marks and melanin

soothes red-headed skin swelling skin

Repair damaged skin

stimulating cell neosynthesis

smoothing and improving concave and convex holes

Prevent skin aging

main ingredient

Vitamin A (retinol): Helps soften dead skin, promotes collagen hyperplasia, reduces fine lines, protects skin from ultraviolet rays, and improves melanin deposition for years.
GSP-T: Powerful antioxidant to protect skin cells from oxidative stress, resist free radicals, reduce redness, prevent glycosylation and skin aging. Long-term use can significantly improve bumps and acne marks.

How to use
Apply to face and neck every night after using toner essence.

Points to Note

1.Retinol=Vitamin A photosensitivity, not during the day, only at night.

2.Sensitive skin can be used. If skin irritation persists, please stop using it.

3.The product accelerates skin metabolism and improves aging keratin, which may cause peeling in the early stage of use.It's a normal reaction.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 5g x 6pcs

( A box of two months )

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