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GLAMM CO Rich oil 50ml

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main effect

Anti-inflammation and promote repair of irritated and damaged skin

Improves dryness, peeling and bursting skin

Improves dull skin to whiten and fade spots

Moisturize and soften skin and improve redness and discomfort

main ingredient

A deep-sea algae rich in water.Minerals and trace elements, good resistance.Inflammation, repair and anti-aging effects, nourishing.and soften skin, relieve dryness, acne, orThe skin caused by eczema is red and uncomfortable. It also helps purify the skin, improves the elasticity and tightness of the skin, and evenens the complexion.

Mother Chrysanthemum Extract: Adjusts skin's water and oil balance, plus itsAnti-inflammatory effect, also can reduce acne.It's also antioxidant and slow down.The skin ages.

be suitable for the skin

Dry, acne and red and swollen skin

How to use

Apply a mixture of oils and essence to the face and beat clockwise.Circular massage to make skin oil easier to coverskin absorption.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 50 ML