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GLAMM CO Vitamin-E serum

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main effect

Resistance to environmental stress to slow signs of aging

Relieve eczema or idiopathic dermatitis and improve itching and dryness

Protect lipid barrier by preventing water loss

Supplement skin collagen and maintain elasticity and gloss

main ingredient

Vitamin E: Moisturizing and anti-inflammatory, effective against free radicalsAnd UV damage, preventing melanin accumulation from forming spots.And keep the skin oil balanced, prevent the skinDry, improve and relieve eczema and itching.

Vitamin B5: Deepens into the dermis and has a skin-reviving effect.Soft skin, prevent rough skin, moisturize skin and protect skin.Effect of tissue repair, replenish skin protectionMoisturizing factor, infuse moisture into skin.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein: Treated by hydrolysis technology, the molecules are finer and smaller.It is easy to absorb, helps to replenish collagen, and has a good effect.Moisturizing, anti-oxidizing, effective in lubricating musclesSkin, improve wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid: maintain skin moisture, keep skin moist, haveHelps skin maintain elasticity and luster, prevents dryness and fine lines.

Allantoin: Promotes skin metabolism and accelerates skin aging and waste.Quality and precipitation of melanin metabolism, increase skin water absorption, letMoisture and skin stored in stratum corneum, reduceloss of water

How to use

You can use it every morning and evening. Take a pump of toner out of your hand.In the heart, massage the face until fully absorbed.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 30 ML

No reviews