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GLAMM CO Xero oil 50ml

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main effect

Maintaining healthy cell membranes

Improves skin protection against environmental damage

Relaxation and Relaxation

Conditioning for acne and acne

improve lipid secretion

main ingredient

glassy seed oil:a low-temperature extraction of aVegetable oils help improve the skin's environment.Damage protection reduces dryness.all kinds of discomfort and stressMaintain skin elasticity and delay musclesskin aging.

Jojoba Seed Oil: This unique vegetable skin careHigh oil permeability, quick skin and scalprapid absorption and inhibition of sebaceous hyperdifferentiationTo secrete fat or grease.Balanced, anti-inflammatory,Antioxidant effect.

fit for purpose

oily, acne-prone, mixed skin

How to use

apply a mixture of oils and essence to one's faceGo on, then massage clockwise in a circular motion.Oil is more easily absorbed by the skin.

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 50 ML