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PHRamAM Breast & vaginal care formula

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Main effect

Stimulate breast development and increase breast fat

Promote breast fibroblasts to help plump

Regulates hormones to relieve menstrual discomfort

Increases progesterone to improve chances of conception

protect uterine health

main ingredient

Patented Zinc Glycinate:

Helps the body's metabolic reaction, activates enzymes, and improves women's menstrual discomfort and uterine pain.

Green Papaya Extract (Contains a variety of rich enzymes): It can regulate endocrine and hormone secretion, so that women can stay away from menstrual pain and anti-oxidation.

Chasteberry (a natural phytoprogesterone): Helps relieve "premenstrual syndrome (PMS"), protects breast health, relieves breast pain and cysts.
Pueraria lobata: It can promote the blood circulation of the breast, stimulate the development of the breast again, and improve the solitary line and elasticity of the chest.

how to eat

General : One tablet daily, on an empty stomach

Enhanced : two capsules a day, on an empty stomach

serving size

A box of 30 capsules

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