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PHRamAM Feminine balance defence

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Main effect

prevent urethritis

Improve cardiovascular disease

Prevent recurring infections

Lactobacillus trifoliate

technology protects flora activity
Improve protection, protect the vagina from bacterial invasion

suffering from a urinary tract infection

Taking antibiotics and lactic acid powder has obvious therapeutic effect, and the cure rate can be as high as 88%

main ingredient

French double patent roselle: only the roselle calyx is extracted, which is the most precious roselle "calyx" essence.
A French research report shows that the special ingredients extracted from it can change the ecology of bacterial flora, regulate physiological functions, and maintain the health of private parts. Using the exclusive patented technology to extract the essence from the roselle calyx, the activity is more complete, more precious, and the quality is guaranteed.
High-concentrated cranberry: Naturally extracted cranberry, high-concentrated cranberry extract made by low-temperature extraction technology. Cranberries contain special "A-bonded proanthocyanidins"-PACS, which can inhibit the attachment of E. coli and accelerate its excretion. And cranberry can also make the urinary tract acidic, reduce the pH value of urine, and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria.

how to eat
1-2 sachets each time, eat on an empty stomach

serving size

A box of 30 packs

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