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PHRamAM Final immune blast

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Main Effect

Promotes gut health restores good bacteria and balance in the gut

Enhance immunity, promote the production of natural antibodies in the body, improve immune cells

Alleviate intestinal diseases such as colitis

Improve mental health, reduce bad mood, relieve depression and anxiety

Improve eczema and sensitive skin

reduce bacterial infections

main ingredient

Bifidobacterium longum:Bifidobacterium is one of the bacteria with the highest proportion in the digestive tract. It has the dominant bacteria with the highest efficacy, stability, health care and stability, and is an important beneficial bacteria for maintaining the health of the digestive system.

Japanese lactoferrin:Lactoferrin, a natural substance of colostrum, comes from a Japanese manufacturer. With antibacterial, antiviral and immune regulation functions, it is known as the first line of defense for health.

how to eat
1 year old to 6 years old: A capsule once a day, open the capsule and add it to drinks or mix with food

Over 6 years old: take one to two capsules daily on an empty stomach or with water before meals

serving size

A pack of 10 capsules