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PHRamAM lutein eye & vision support

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Main effect

Reduced risk of eye diseases (floaters, glaucoma, cataracts, etc.)
Reduce the damage of blue light and ultraviolet light to the eyes
Prevent damage to retinal photoreceptors and pigment cells to prevent myopia Supports brain health in the elderly
Soothes dry eyes and keeps them moisturised

main ingredient

Calendula extract lutein (with 8 professional extraction process, ISO certification): delay eye aging, relieve visual fatigue, keep eyes moist
US patented marine microalgae extract DHA (the only OMEGA-3 fatty acid that can enter the macula): reduce eye inflammation and protect retinal cells. It also helps fight oxidative damage to the eyes caused by light.
Lotus Seed Extract: It has a good effect on relieving eye fatigue and blurred vision, and also effectively improves eye blindness, relieves dry eyes, astringent eyes, and eyestrain.
French yeast extract group B: Helps maintain the health of the optic nerve, eyelids, and conjunctiva of the eyes, and helps metabolism.

how to eat

1-2 capsules a day
recommended to take after meals

serving size

A pack of 10 capsules

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