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ärzt skin Vitamin B Complex Serum 100ml

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Vitamin B Complex Serum 100ml

Invigorates skin and reveals a youthful complexion upon everyday use. This potent serum revives skin firmness and smoothness with its youthful energy, reducing fine lines and leaving skin luminous and refreshed. Its deep repair-ing property rejuvenates skin with a healthy, refreshing touch, and its highly penetrative hydrating property develops a powerful moisturising layer that regulates oil flow, nourishes skin and prevents acnes and redness. Suitable for skins with eczema and rose acnes.

Main Ingredients

Vitamin B3: Researches show vitamin B3 benefits skin by reducing the risk of skin cancer, locking hydration in and preventing water loss from epider-mal cells, protecting skin from external allergens and enhancing skin’s self protecting ability by making it a strong lipid barrier.

Squalene: A compound that tightens and clears pores, infuses oxygen into blood, activates cells, strengthens microvascular walls and reduces redness of skin. It is suitable for any skin types all year round.

Vitamin B12: Improves blood circulation, tackles tired and pale skin and promotes cell metabolism that leaves a firm and lifted complexion.

Vitamin B5: A water-soluble vitamin that contains powerful moisturising property and stimulates production of hyaluronic acid after being absorbed by skin. Oily-type skin also benefits from not getting clogged after use of vitamin B5.

How To Use

Use in every morning and evening. Gently massage over face with 3-4 drops and press into skin with palms for optimal absorption.

No reviews