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GLAMM CO Green bean pore minimizing clay mask

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main effect

combat oil overproduction

Thinning pores reduces bacterial growth

purifying astringent anti-pain and anti-inflammatory

Maintains water and oil balance on the skin

facilitate wound healing

main ingredient

SEBUSTOP®: A method of containingThere are several plant extracts, includingExtracts of Elm Roots, MeatCinnamon, ginger, etc. You can have it.It's effective in combating lipid hypersecretionRemaining, cleaning the bottom dirt, reduce bacteria growth and protect from foreign contaminants, to purify, repair, anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects.

TEGO COSMO C 100: A new skin-activating agentnatural component of metabolic functionfor premature ageing and, if any, premature injured by ultraviolet pressureIt can protect and repair skin and strengthen skin protection function.

Natural Mungbean Extract: Unique Natural GreenSoya bean extract. It cleanses the powder.prick, white-headed and black-headsMoisturizing and elastic.force.

How to use

After cleansing with a facial cleanser, it may be partial or complete.Apply to the face. Apply a thin compress of about 15 minutes.To 20 minutes, then clear.Wash your face with water and use it for daily use.skincare procedures

Made in Hong Kong

Weight: 80G

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